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Criteo Full-Stack Tech Talks 14/03/2019
Criteo Infrastructure Meetup

Criteo Labs is excited to bring you our next Full-Stack meetup in our Paris office. We have a great line-up of talks from both our Criteo R&D Engineers and our guest speaker.

Agenda :
6:30 pm : welcome
7:00 pm : talks
9:00 pm : networking


# Zhenyi Zhang, Software Engineer at Criteo
Title: The practical test pyramid and how we build it
Description: testing a web application is not an easy task. Among all kind of tests (Unit, Integration, Screenshot, E2E), you have to choose wisely where to put your time and money. We are going to present you different strategies for building a practical test pyramid for your app. We will also share you some best practices for CI/CD and testing tools such as Protractor, Cypress and Saucelabs, etc

# Sylvain Pontoreau, Microsoft Engineer, Paris TypeScript co-organizer
Title : CQRS, Messaging Handling, you do it in your .Net Core project and you don't know MediatR?
This library developed by the American MVP Jimmy Bogard contains everything you need to organize your project correctly. In this presentation, we will focus on the issue dealt with by MediatR.
We will then discuss the capabilities of the library and its implementation to craft microservices in DDD.

# Nicolas Dubien, Software Engineer at Criteo
Title : Detecting the unexpected in (Web) UI
What if my CI turned into my preferred QA? Let's fuzz UI.
Forecasting all the potential bugs in your tests is barely infeasible. One day it happens: a bug you have not though about when designing your tests pops. Let's discuss an interesting way to turn your CI into a real QA

# Nicolas Ulrich, Software Engineer at Criteo
Title : State Management with Angular
Why do we want to use a state management library in the first place? The need comes from the ever-growing complexity of the Single-Page Applications (SPA) we are building. We have to handle more data, offering an intuitive and interactive experience to our users while constantly adding new features.

During this talk I will give you an overview of our journey in the Angular "State Management" eco-system: The reasons why we wanted to switch to a Redux-like state management mechanism and how did we choose a specific library.

32 Rue Blanche

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